Express Forms with Index Filters, September 29, 2013

I've actually had the opportunity to use Express Forms working with one of my clients. I had long planned that the needs of my clients would determine what goes in to this library I'm creating, and it became clear to me that with large sets of data, it is necessary to allow users to search the data for the records they want to see.

I do want to eventually write this so that the filters can be just as customizable as the input fields on the editor screens, but I'm not that far along yet. I do believe I have some great work to show, though. What I've done is created several different filter types for different data types: strings, numbers, dates, and boolean values, nullable and non-nullable. When filtering is turned on, Express Forms will check the properties of the record type it is displaying and display an appropriate widget for each one. As the user types into the filter widgets, the data shown is automatically filtered to match the user's selections.

The user can optionally be provided with autocomplete functionality as well as page state bookmarking.

ExpressForms-0.7.2 is currently hosted on github at

New examples are available here: Express Forms 0.7.2 Example

You're very welcome to try out this early release version. Any feedback is welcome.