Express Forms with jQuery DataTables, August 16, 2013

I've had some more time to work on my "Express Forms" framework. One of the things that I believed from the beginning to be very important was to allow developers to use various AJAX frameworks with Express Forms. Today, I've uploaded ExpressForms-0.6.0 which includes AJAX functionality and an extension that works with jQuery DataTables.

This is only the first step toward creating the AJAX functionality that I want, but an important step. A future release should provide for developers to be able to select from at least several AJAX frameworks, and if desired, create an extension to use a different AJAX framework. This process will require the developer to override a number of abstract functions, but I want it to be as straight-forward as possible.

Another important thing is that there is still a hard-coded requirement that the primary key of a datatable being used be a 32-bit integer called Id. This needs to be fixed.

ExpressForms-0.6.0 is currently hosted on github at

New examples are available here: Express Forms 0.6.0 Example

You're very welcome to try out this early release version. Any feedback is welcome.