Daniel Langdon's Home on the Web

Hello, this is Daniel Langdon's home on the web.

This Daniel Langdon, the software developer who was born in Georgia,
who attended Shannon Forest Christian School in South Carolina,
who attended Texas Tech University in Texas,
who attended the University of Hawai'i in Hawai'i,
who used to hang out with the crowd at the Mokule'ia wall,
who worked with Army Dental Command for several years, who now lives in Colorado.

I currently operate my own software development consulting firm, TCDAL, LLC.

This is where my thoughts and ideas that I feel fit to share with the world live.

Right now, this page is a collage of my thoughts about different topics. Some day, I will have it all organized for convenience.

I can be contacted at me (at) danielsadventure (dot) info.

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